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Iceland backpacking is like no other backpacking on the planet. Here you can see more different types of natural phenomena than anywhere else. Depending on the Iceland backpacking tour you choose, you may hike on, over and around volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, canyons, lava fields, craters, lakes and more. Iceland's variety is incomparable and Icelandic Mountain Guides has the experience to take you to the best of what Iceland has to offer. More information about Backpacking Tours

Check out the tours - each one includes a day to day itinerary.

Núpsstaðarskógar Skaftafell - IMG41

Four-Day Backpacking Tour

Price from: 104.900 ISK
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In the Shadow of Vatnajökull - IMG49

Five-Day Lightweight Backpacking Tour in the Lónsöræfi Nature Reserve

Price from: 119.000 ISK
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The Rivers and Glaciers of Vatnajökull - IMG40

Five-Day Backpacking Tour.

Price from: 113.500 ISK
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Backpacking along Vatnajökull Combination - IMG42

Nine-Day Backpacking Tour

Price from: 185.000 ISK
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Coast to Coast - The Iceland Traverse - IMG43

Thirty-One Day Backpacking Tour.

Price from: 529.000 ISK
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Ásbyrgi to Mývatn - IMG44

Four Day Backpack Tour - Canyons and lava fields.

Price from: 79.900 ISK
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Mývatn - Askja - IMG45

Five-Day Backpacking Tour - The Askja trail.

Price from: 115.900 ISK
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Askja to Nýidalur - IMG46

Six-Day Backpacking Tour - The Desert under the Glacier.

Price from: 134.000 ISK
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Nýidalur to Eldgjá - IMG47

Seven-Day Backpack Tour through lava, glaciers, sands and rivers.

Price from: 133.000 ISK
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Eldgjá to Vík - IMG48

Five-Day Backpack Tour between tuff volcanoes, Mýrdalsjökull glacier, across sands and to the black beaches of Vík.

Price from: 102.500 ISK
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The Inuit Trail - IMG82

12 day backpacking tour in the proufound backcountry in Greenland

Price from: 382.000 ISK
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