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If you're the type of adventurer who thinks that trekking is spectacular - this is the place for you! Iceland Trekking with Icelandic Mountain Guides will help you cover more ground and see more things up close than just about anything else. Each day of a trek with IMG will include 5-7 hours of walking for 5-7 days with total distance of touring close to 50-80 km (35-50 miles). All backcountry meals are included. Depending on your choice, you may see ancient farmsteads, black sands and Reindeer herds, the world's largest lava flows in human history (from a single eruption in 1783), or go on a classic trek through Iceland's southern highlands. More information about Trekking Tours.

The terms "Trekking" and "Hiking" are often used interchangeably. Technically, all of the tours in this category are trekking tours, meaning tour participants will walk each day from point-to-point with only a light day pack. All other gear will be shuttled between stops.

If you're looking for day hikes instead, see our Iceland hiking tours page.

Hiking at the End of the World - IMG34

Deserted Farmlands of the North Eastern Inlets

Price from: 138.000 ISK
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The Strútur Trail - IMG38

5 day tour hiking through the south of the Fjallabak area

Price from: 145.000 ISK
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Þórsmörk Skógar - IMG35

Fimmvörðuháls Volcano. The hiking trail that goes right past Eyjafjallajökull volcano and takes you over Iceland's most recent lava!

Price from: 89.500 ISK
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In The Footsteps of Eric the Red - IMG70

10 day boat Supported Trek in South-Greenland

Price from: 379.000 ISK
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Landmannalaugar Þórsmörk - IMG31

The famous Laugavegur trek

Price from: 165.000 ISK
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The Ancient Kjölur Trail - IMG37

Hiking between the Glaciers

Price from: 130.000 ISK
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The Great Volcanic Trek - IMG32

This marvelous 12 day trek takes you through two of the greatest volcanic regions of the southern Icelandic highlands, the Laki area and Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Price from: 369.000 ISK
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Landmannalaugar Skógar - IMG36

The Laugavegur trek and the Fimmvörðuháls Volcano

Price from: 225.000 ISK
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Fjords, Glaciers and Peaks - IMG81

12 day boat Supported Trek in East-Greenland

Price from: 452.000 ISK
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Trekking along the Icefjord - IMG84

Short trek over Ammassalik island

Price from: 307.000 ISK
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The Laugavegur and the Icefjord - IMG83

Combine two incredible destinations: The famous Laugavegur hiking trail in Iceland and Amassalik Island in east Greenland! Here we have combined two tours into a package that takes you through the diverse volcanic landscape of Iceland and the along the rocky coast line of the Sermilik icefjord in east Greenland.

Price from: 435.000 ISK
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