Benjamin Willems


Benjamin is a Belgian fellow from the French speaking side (Wallonia). He has a bachelor’s degree in Forestry Service and a kids animator diploma. He has been living in Iceland since May 2014 and has worked for several forestry associations as a forest manager, team supervisor, lumberjack, and a research assistant for the forestry service of Iceland. He has always loved being outside and the outdoor world is where his life makes sense.

Ben did his first big trekking trip in the Scottish Highlands at 18 and since then he hasn’t let one summer pass without a trek somewhere in Europe. During his travels he fell in love with the North - Finland, Sweden, Scandinavian Lapland and now Iceland. Once in Iceland, he started climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing and spending time in remote areas. It just made sense to him to become a mountain guide. His qualifications include Glacier Skills Level One. To him, the job is amazing because he gets to be among people that share his love for the outdoors and the job makes him realize how lucky we are living in such a beautiful world.

It isn’t hard to see that Ben is an outdoor enthusiast who likes to have as many experiences as possible around the world. His biggest goal is to enjoy his life to the fullest no matter where he is. One life, live it!