Mario Sainz


Mario hails from Spain but has been living in France since he moved there in 2012. He studied telecommunication engineering and worked for about nine years as an engineer. He was not happy working in an office every day, doing the same activities and having a scheduled life. He yearned to live outdoors, be in contact with nature, travel and discover the world. He has guided hiking groups in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Scotland, Iceland and Costa Rica since 2006. He has also been an instructor for three years at the EMAM (Escuela Madrileña de Alta Montaña). 

Mario has guided with IMG during the summer seasons of 2015 and 2016. He loves outdoor activities and when he is not working you can find him hiking, running, climbing, skiing in the mountains or traveling. His favorite place in Iceland is the Kristanartindar summit on a clear and sunny day.

His professional qualifications/experience include:

  • International Mountain Leader