Quinton Burrows


Quinton has guided in Chile, Spain, Bolivia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Scotland and Canada since 2011. He attributes his love for climbing and playing outdoors to his upbringing in Northern Canada. Some of his favourite trips have been 37 and 15 day treks on the Northern Patagonian ice cap in Patagonia, Denali, Zeballos, Huayna Potosi and a traverse of the Talkeetna range, but he will always return to the Yukon Territory in Canada. Mt. Logan is his next goal for mountaineering.

Other than climbing, traveling is his next passion, and it has now been seven years and 29 countries since he first left home.

He was qualified as a wilderness paramedic in the state of Alaska, and has worked as a freelance snow shoveler, cave rigger, bartender, painter, lift operator, junkyard labourer and lifeguard. He dreams of one day owning a delicious custom sandwich shop.