Steinar Þór Sveinsson


Steinar has guided tourists around Iceland since he acquired a certificate from the Iceland Tourist Guide School in 2004. The first years after Steinar finished the Iceland Tourist Guide School, he only worked as a guide when he had breaks from other jobs, but in 2009 guiding became his main profession. For many years he travelled extensively throughout Iceland on his own or with friends. His interest in the country and its inhabitants are what led him to work in the tourism industry. 

Steinar has a Master’s degree from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. Apart from working in tourism, Steinar has broad experience working for various companies in Iceland, including being a Public Relations advisor and being an official in the Icelandic Ministry of Finance. Steinar’s international experience is comprehensive, but he has worked for the Iceland Ministry for Foreign Affairs in various countries. 

Steinar speaks English, German, Danish and French. He has three 4x4 vehicles suited for the rough Icelandic nature, which can accommodate small private groups.