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Arinbjörn Hauksson

Marketing Associate


Arinbjörn has worked in Marketing and Sales for Icelandic Mountain Guides since 2010. His education and expertise lie in the fields of tourism, marketing and sales.

Arinbjörn is a family man with a great sense of humor (he says), and his passion for sports goes beyond what is considered normal. When possible, he likes to try his skills in football, basketball or golf with a good group of friends. When it comes to travelling, he loves exploring new places and destinations. His favorite places are Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland and the Icefjord of Ilulissat in West Greenland. 
Favorites: Family, Friends, Sports, Travel, Photography, Iceland, Greenland, Hiking, Diving, Manchester United, Þróttur, Crossfit, Copenhagen, New York, Blue

Phone number: +354 522 4985