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Ívar Finnbogason

Executive Guide


Ívar is a legend! He's been very active in the climbing and mountaineering scene for decades. He‘s been the lead guide for all glacier and mountaineering operations of the Icelandic Mountain Guides (IMG) for years and knows IMG‘s operation in and out. He works on the paper work side and the fun side, outdoors.

Ívar is one of Iceland’s best and most active mountaineers and ice climbers. Apart from managing IMG‘s glacier walks operations, Ívar guides shorter expeditions, like the Vatnajölull Crossing Expedition, ski-touring and climbing trips. He´s also been guiding some challenging objectives IMG has undertaken abroad, such as Mont Blanc, Elbrus and Mt. Vinson.

Ívar is currently the chairman of the technical committee of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG).

Summary of education and qualifications:

Guiding related:

  • - ICE-SAR rescue team training
  • - IMG mountain guide
  • - AIMG glacier and mountain guide
  • - Level II hard-ice guide (NZMGA HIG standard)
  • - Alpine Trekking guide (NZMGA standard)
  • - CAA level I avalanche training


  • - MSc. degree in engineering (University of Iceland)
  • - Professional drivers licence

Non work related interests and hobbies:  Alpine ski touring, rock & ice climbing, mountain biking.

Phone number: +354 522 4976