Josepha Thomsen

Travel Consultant


Josepha was born in Maniitsoq, but grew up in Narsaq and Nuuk in Greenland. She has also lived in Denmark, Germany and the USA.  However, she considers herself a big city Nuuk girl because it is the place where she feels most at home.  She studied performance design and social psychology for six years and the experience economy part of her studies always interested her more than the other parts. Selling an experience rather than a product is what intrigues her the most. She feels that experiences last in our memories if our mind will allow it but some material things won’t mean as much to us in 10 years. This is why she loves working in the tourism industry. 

Prior to joining the Greenland Adventures team, she worked as a tour guide. Josepha loves seeing the look on people’s faces when they see what Greenland has to offer. It makes her happy and proud to share her country’s history and stories with people that come to visit. As a guide, she was able to see so many unbelievably beautiful places that have their own unique charm. It can be hard to choose just one favorite place in Greenland but she has a top four, which include: 

  1. Nuuk – her hometown and where all her childhood friends live.
  2. Ilulissat – she worked there for three seasons and the orange sunsets, pink flowers and white icebergs gave the place such a homey feel.
  3. Narsaq – she thinks that South Greenland is underrated. As a kid she didn’t appreciate the nature but when she returned 25 years later, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The icebergs are so blue and the grass is so green. The small town feeling and kind faces smiling and saying hello as you pass by are unlike anything she has experienced in other cities or towns.
  4. Qassiarsuk (Brattahlíð near Narsarssuaq) – the best way she can describe this place is that it seems as if your eyes have a filter on that make all the colors more vivid. And the best part is that there are no mosquitos in this area due to the sheep farming.

In 2016 Josepha moved to Iceland and to work for Greenland Adventures. Before moving to Reykjavik, she enjoyed traveling a lot and she tried to go somewhere new every month. She likes experiencing and seeing different cultures because it makes her understand where she comes from better, but also makes her more understanding towards other cultures. She always thought there was only one way to do things until she traveled and learned there’s a thousand ways to do things. She likes to take pictures and considers herself a creative soul. During her off time you can find her painting, drawing, knitting, playing guitar and singing.  

Phone number: +354 522 4948