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Responsible tourism

Our understanding of responsible tourism is to organize holidays for travellers who care about local communities and local customs and wish to help to protect the environment. We also aim to add value to all communities we visit and minimize the negative effects of tourism on the environment

Ever since the company was founded in 1994 owners and employees have been environmentally conscious and made efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and indigenous cultures alike. Our philosophy is to show travellers our precious nature while at the same time giving them insights into the local culture and customs and chances to taste the typical local food. We believe that by travelling in small groups our impact on the environment and societies stays minimal.

IMG Environmental Fund

In connection with our 20th anniversary Icelandic Mountain Guides created an environmental fund that gives us all an opportunity to give back to the nature. Our mission is to support significant improvement to our nature through land management in order for our unique nature to be preserved for coming generations. Traveling with Icelandic Mountain Guides you contribute to the conservation of nature.

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