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Be a responsible traveller

Tourism is an important source of income for Iceland and Greenland but we must try to minimize our effect on the natural environment as well as the communities of these areas. Here are some tips that show what you can do be a responsible traveller.

Before your trip:

  • Learn about the culture, history and customs of the country you are visiting and learn some words in the local language.
  • Travelling to Iceland or Greenland normally involves flying. Offset your carbon emission by making a carbon offset payment to a reputable source such as climate,
  • Travel light. Lighter luggage reduces the fuel use on flights.
  • Save paper. Only print out what is really necessary. It might be enough to store vouchers and such papers on your cell phone
  • Unplug appliances, turn heating down and stop your newspaper before you leave your home.

During your trip:

  • Respect local customs, religion and traditions and be open for alternative ways of thinking and living, review your prejudices.
  • Bring a water bottle and avoid buying bottled water. You can drink the water from both tabs and streams in Iceland and Greenland.
  • Keep to footpaths where they are available. Avoid stepping on fragile vegetation and keep erosion at a minimum.
  • Learn about the recycling methods in Iceland and recycle.( For cans, glass and plastic bottles you actually get a refund.)
  • Minimize electricity and water use.
  • Use environmentally friendly shampoo and soap.
  • Buy local products. Taste local food and buy locally made souvenirs.
  • Walk, cycle and use public transport as much as possible.
  • Off road driving in Iceland is not an option. Enjoy walking.
  • Minimize pollution and carry out all litter. Pick up litter.