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The Environmental Fund of Icelandic Mountain Guides

As environmental stewards and passionate nature lovers, we strongly believe in protecting the Icelandic natural environment through conservation and sustainability practices. In 2014, we celebrated our 20th anniversary by setting up an Environmental Fund. Icelandic nature has given us so much over the years and the fund allows us to give back by supporting projects that preserves its beauty for generations to come. Currently, the Environmental Fund focuses on restoring and conserving the Laugavegur trail, the most popular trail in Iceland. Because many people trek along the path every summer, the trail has been damaged and the soil has eroded in many places.   

The fund was kicked off with an initial donation of 2 million ISK from the company and every year 1% of the company’s profits are allocated to the fund. Additionally, all our customers who either take a day tour or a multi day tour with us, contribute to preserving Icelandic nature. A fixed amount of their tour cost is also put toward supporting the Environmental Fund

Iceland Forest Service was our first award recipient in 2014 and they were given a total sum of 500.000 ISK for their maintenance project that repaired damaged sections of the Laugavegur Trail between Þröngá river and Emstrur. In 2016, three organizations were awarded a total of 1,5 million ISK to finance their restoration projects.

We plan to continue to allocate 1% of the trip price to finance future projects in this area. Every two years environmental project  applications  are reviewed, and the Environmental Fund announces the organizations it plans to support and distribute award amounts.