Carbon Emissions

In an effort to offset the carbon emissions produced by our transport vehicles and staff traveling, we have created a company tree planting program. Currently, we have one carbon neutral tour (Golden Circle & Magical Nights - IMG09). We use a carbon calculator to determine how many trees we need to plant each time this tour takes place.  On average, the consumption of a vehicle on this tour is 36 liters. To offset the carbon produced by our cars, we need to plant one tree for each trip. We are working towards neutralizing all our day tours, where we use our own vehicles.

It is company tradition in the spring for our staff to spend time out of the office planting trees to offset the pollution produced by our vehicles. As we strive to become more environmentally conscious, it is important to our staff & company that we participate in ongoing projects that benefit the environment. Along with neutralizing the carbon emissions for IMG09, we have also been planting trees to offset the pollution caused by flights taken by our staff for business related trips since 2016.

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