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Ice Cave Day Tours

Since 1994, Icelandic Mountain Guides has been Iceland’s leading glacier tour operator. On our Ice Cave tours, you will get the chance to experience these natural winter wonders in the unique outlet glaciers of Iceland.

New Ice Caves are formed every year, In spring and into summer of 2018 we will offer an Ice Cave on the tour Glacier Adventure IMG22 in Skaftafell. 

In the winter of 2018-19, Icelandic Mountain Guides offers both affordable ice cave and glacier hike combo tours from Skaftafell and to the caves of Mýrdalsjökull (Myrdalsjokull Glacier).

All tours include basic safety equipment and with our highly-trained guides, you´re in good hands: they are highly trained in safety and first aid as well as bursting with interesting information about Iceland which they cannot wait to share with you.

Spring Summer Fall

Glacier Adventure - IMG22

Glacier Walk with an Ice Cave! This spring and into summer this 4-hour glacier hike on Svínafellsjökull glacier will include a visit into a spectacular naturally formed Ice Cave. Come join us in Skaftafell!

Price from:
16.900 ISK

Ice Cave and Glacier Walk - IMG22W

Combine an Ice cave exploration and a glacier walk at Svínafelljökull (Svinafellsjokull glacier). On this Ice Cave and Glacier Walk winter combo tour, you will explore the naturally formed ice caves and ice tunnels of Svínafellsjökull

Price from:
16.900 ISK

All Year

The Secret Ice Cave - IMG08b

Join us for an exploration of a secret ice cave tour from Vík. On the tour we see picturesque landscape that features the stark contrast of black sandy earth, mossy green mountains, and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Price from:
19.900 ISK

Ice Cave Overnight Tours

If you are looking for overnight tours with visits to Ice Caves, we recommend our Short Break tours. These Ice Cave adventures take you to all the highlights of the South with glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches, glacier lagoons and majestic ice caves.


Northern Lights and Ice Cave Adventure - IMG512

In just 2 days, you will visit an ice cave, black beaches, walk on a glacier, and hunt for the Northern Lights while staying a 4 star hotel. This getaway adventure is packed with value!

Price from:
72.900 ISK


Golden Circle and Glacier Getaway - IMG513

Embark on a 3-day getaway that has the best highlights of Iceland's south coast. Visit a majestic ice cave, take a Glacier Walk, see a stunning Glacier Lagoon, marvel at the impressive Gullfoss waterfall, witness the world famous Geysir hot spring, and hunt for the Northern Lights!

Price from:
99.900 ISK