East Greenland Winter Expedition - GRL62

Tour type: Cross-Country skiing tour with pulka/sledges




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Adult: 750.000

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Departures: 19th of March to 6th of April 2016

Duration: 19 days

Accommodation: Tents

Meeting point: Starts and ends at the domestic airport in Reykjavik

Group size: 4 - 12

Language: English

Walking per day: 6-8 active hours

Note: Meeting in Reykjavík the day before departure

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • Following Old Dog Sledding Trails
    • Towering Icebergs in the Frozen Sea
    • Visiting Inuit Villages

    Cross Country ski expedition between the isolated Inuit villages of the east cost of Greenland.

    The Ammassalik region on the scanty populated east coast of Greenland is a jewel in the Arctic crown. It is among the world´s most recently known civilizations, discovered a mere hundred years ago. During this expedition we follow the traditional dog sledding routes between the small hunting villages of the Ammassalik area.

    With sharp granite peaks rising up to 2000 m from the narrow fjords we make our way between the gigantic icebergs, frozen into the sea ice, and into valleys and over mountain passes. On the way we sleep in tents under the northern lights or in cabins, but in community houses in the four villages that we visit before we arrive to the colorful capital town of the area, Tasiilaq. During the tour we keep ore sledges light by getting good quality fresh food and resupply in every town.

    During the winter there are few people other than the local Inuit hunters that still use dog sleds for their seal hunting. With two nights in each village we witness the daily live and culture of the local Greenlandic people.

    This is the perfect mixture of nature and culture.

    2014 Outside Magazine travel awards, Best Polar Trip: Runner-Up: East Greenland Winter Expedition, Icelandic Mountain Guides

    Expedition leader: TBA

    19.03 - 06.04.16

    750.000 ISK


  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 0: Meeting with the guide
    In the morning of the day before departure is a meeting with the expedition leader. The expedition leader will assess the equipment each member has brought and advise if there will be a need to replace anything. Later that day we have time to arrange for things if needed.
    Day 1: Reykjavík - Kulusuk
    Flight from Reykjavík to Kulusuk. Our flight goes from the domestic airport in the centre of Reykjavík. We will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse between 10:00 and 10:45.
    Day 2 to 4: From Kulusuk to Sermiligaaq (60 km)
    We set off skiing from the Kulusuk Hostel, pulling the sleds out from the frozen harbour.  We ski between the icebergs frozen in the sea ice, heading to the vertical ice wall of Apusiajik-glacier that runs into the frozen sea. We will ski over the gentle sloping Apusiajik glacier and down to the fjord on the other side where we establish our first camp. We cover delicate passes of sea ice while we are working our way between islands, crossing several islands and traversing frozen fjords following the traditional dog sled routes that have been used for centuries. Travelling 20 km on average per day, we plan to arrive to the small and isolated hunting villages of Sermiligaaq the afternoon of day 4.
    Day 5: Sermiligaaq village
    We spend two nights in Sermiligaaq. Like the other villages in the area it consists of a little clusters of small colourful wooden houses. It is located on the southern part of a large peninsula on the East Greenland mainland. It has just under 200 residents that mostly live from fishing and hunting. With permafrost in the ground there is no running water in the houses. In the centre of the village is a community owned "service house" providing hot shovers and washing machines for the hole village. It has a small room rented out to the occasional travellers that visit the village and there we stay. The day will be spent in town and it‘s nearest surroundings.
    Day 6 and 7: From Sermiligaaq to Kuummiut (40 km)
    While pulling or sleds across the Sermiligaaq fjord and in to the Ikateq strait, we pass an abandoned airfield, known by its wartime code name Bluie East 2. It was used by the US Air force during the second world war. When the station was evacuated in 1947 numerous trucks and other machinery, the hangar and thousands of oil barrels were left there to rust down making it a photographers paradise. 
    Day 8: Kuummiut village
    With 380 inhabitants Kuummiut is the largest village in the Ammassalik area after the capital Tasiilaq. The village dates back to 1915 when a missionary station was established there. The Ammasalik fjord never freezes and that made the area a popular location for winter houses before that time and there are several old ruins in the area. In 1890 Karale Andreassen, son of the powerful shaman Mitsivarniánga, was born in Kuummiut.  Karale was in the first group of East Greenlanders that was baptised in the spring of 1899.  He did show great skills of drawing and some of his original drawings of the spiritual life he witnessed in his youth can be seen in museum in Tasiilaq.  
    Day 9-13: Kuummiut to Tiniteqilaaq (100 km)
    This is the longest and physically hardest part of the expedition with a small glacier and several mountain passes to cross.  The mountains are higher, rising up to 2.000 meters, and the valleys are narrower.  Sharp granite peaks like the "Triplets" are reaching more than 2000 m in to the sky.  With longer distance between the villages the route is less travelled by the local inhabitants. 
    Day 14: Tiniteqilaaq
    Tiniteqilaaq means "the strait which runs dry at low tide" it is one of the smaller communities in the Tasiilaq district, with about 150 people. On the bank of the Sermilik fjord the village is beautifully situated. Without skis we will climb the hills above the town and enjoy the the view over the Sermilik fjord with its gigantic icebergs. 
    Day 15 and 16:  Tiniteqilaaq to Tasiilaq (35 km)
    We ski across the Ammassalik island. After crossing the frozen sund from the mainland the route gently leads up the glacier in the centre of the island. There we have good view over the frozen Sermilik fjord and to the Greenland Icecap. The second day we follow series of lakes down to the Tasiilaq town. After establishing our selves in a confortable guest house we will have a dinner in a restaurant or the new pizzeria.
    Day 17: Tasiilaq (22 km)
    Without our sleds we will ski around the mountain "Prestfjelded". Arriving back to town through the snow covered flower valley and to the town´s cemetery. We spend the afternoon in town, the souvenir shop, the highly interesting museum and more interesting places in this beautiful town.
    Day 18: Tasiilaq – Kulusuk 
    The morning is free in Tasiilaq and after lunch we take a boat back to Kulusuk where the circle is closed. In case of difficult ice conditions we will take the helicopter either in the afternoon or next morning.
    Day 19: Kulusuk – Reykjavík
    Flight from Kulusuk to Reykjavík. Expedition members are transported to their hotels and guest houses in Reykjavík.


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