Mt Gunnbjörn, the Highest Peak in Greenland - GRL65

Tour type: Mountain climbing expedition




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Adult: 2.400.000

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What's included: Expert Guide, flights and transportation, permits needed for the expedition

Departures: 01.-05. June 2017

Duration: 5 days

Accommodation: Tent

Meeting point: Starts and ends at the domestic airport in Reykjavik

Group size: 2-7 participants

Language: English

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • The Highest Peak north of the Arctic Circle
    • "The 8th Continent"
    • Mountains arising from the Greenland Ice Cap

    Climb the highest peak in the Arctic

    Greenland’s highest mountain Mt Gunnbjörn is also the highest peak located north of the Arctic Circle. Therefore it does not just hold the title of being the highest peak in Greenland but is also the highest peak of the Arctic (3694m).

    Because of the huge size of Greenland, Mt Gunnbjörn has been called the 8th continental peak. On the east coast, where massive mountains rise from the Greenland icecap the conditions are pristine, similar to those you find in Antarctica. Mt. Gunnbjorn is easily accessible on a ski-plane from Iceland. Once in the Watkins Mountains we set up a comfortable base camp at the foot of the mountain. The climb can easily be done on snow shoes with only the last part done on crampons.

    This is a compact 5 day arctic adventure. We also offer a 11 day alpine touring ski expedition in this area if you are a competent backcountry skier.

    Note that there is a risk of delay of the flight from Greenland cause of weather, a fact that has to be considered when participants plan their flight out of Iceland. Book an open ticket!

    Departure dates:
    01.-05. June 2017
    Elevation: 600-1100m per day snow shoe or alpine ski touring: 5 days
    Max. ascent: 1100m (3610')
    Accommodation: Tent
    Group size: 2-7 participants

    The price for 2017 is 2.400.000 ISK per person. 
    Three participants are needed to confirm the expedition (or there is a supplement for only 2 participants).

    Mt Gunnbjörn, the Highest Peak in Greenland

    For further information take a look at the Expedition Manual or contact us via

    Mt. Gunnbjörn - Expedition Manual

    Take a look at a video from one of the Mt. Gunnbjörn expeditions


    • Private chartered ski-plane from Akureyri to the Watkins mountains and back.
    • Icelandic expert guide.
    • Flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri and back with 20 kg of personal baggage (and 6 kg of hand luggage of limited volume).
    • Expedition permits, and all other permits needed for the expedition.
    • Evacuation insurance for all expedition members.
    • All common gear and equipment such as glacier travel gear, pulks/sledges to transport bags, satellite phone for security, solar panel with 12V charger, tents, stoves and all food in Greenland with one week emergency supplies.

    Not included: 

    • Excess weight of personal luggage on the flights between Reykjavík and Akureyri. 
    • Cost due to delay of flights. 
    • Hotel in Iceland before departure to Greenland and after the return from Greenland.
    • Personal travel insurance.
    • Personal mountaineering equipment and skis.
    • Personal use of satellite phone.


  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 0: Preparation meeting with the expedition leader. Briefing and gear inspecetion.

    Day 1: Flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri in the morning and from Akureyri to Greenland in the afternoon. We put up our camp at the landing site or head higher up depending on conditions.

    Day 2 or 3: Ascent attempts of Mt. Gunnbjörn summit and back to the camp.

    Day 4: Spare day to climb Mt. Gunnbjörn or to use in sightseeing or to climb other summits in the Watkins Mountains.

    Day 5: Flight back to Iceland. Flight from Akureyri to Reykjavík where the trip ends at the domestic airport.

    Note that there is a risk of delay of the flight from Greenland cause of weather, a fact  that has to be considered when participants plan their flight out of Iceland. Book an open ticket!


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