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Skiing the last degree to the South Pole


Tour type: A polar expedition




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Adult: 622000

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What's included: Expert Guide, transport, Expedition food and equipment and transport of 23kg/51lbs of personal equipment to Union Glacier, skis, poles and skins

Departures: 15 -30 December 2016 & 31 December - 15 January 2016-17

Duration: Two weeks

Accommodation: Tents

Meeting point: Punta Arenas in Chile

Group size: Maximum of 10 members and 2 guides

Language: English

Skiing per day: 8 hours

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • South of nowhere
    • Ski the whole way to the South Pole from the edges of Antartica
    • Perfect option for those who like to experience a real expedition but don't have two months

    South of Nowhere

    Standing on the South Pole is simply amazing. Reaching the South Pole skiing the whole way from the edges of Antarctica is not easy and takes a very long time. For those who like to experience a real expedition and reach the South Pole, but don´t have whole two months available, doing the last degree is the perfect option. In our South Pole - Last degree expedition, we get  transported to the 89th degree south and from there we ski the last degree, 111 km (69 miles) to the South Pole hauling all we need on the way in pulkas.

    Price: 62.500 $

    Total distance: 111 km (69 miles)
    Altitude: 2.835 m (9301 ft)

    Included: Expert guides, flights to and from Union Glacier in Antarctica, flights to the 89th degree South and from South Pole back to Union Glacier camp, all group equipment and food while in Antarctica, transport of 23kg/51 lbs of personal equipment, skis, poles and skins.

    Not included: Air travel to and from Punta Arenas, Chile, personal clothing and equipment (including ski boots), hotel, meals and personal expenses in in Punta Arenas, personal insurance, personal trip cancellation insurance, excess baggage transportation charges, cost of personal use of satellite phone.

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  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1:  Meet in Punta Arenas, Chile

    Day 2:  Weighing and loading of gear. Briefings.

    Day 3:  Fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica

    Day 4:  Acclimatisation day

    Days: 5-6 Training Days

    Day 7:  Fly to 89° South

    Days: 8-12 Ski to South Pole

    Day 13:  Arrive at the South Pole

    Day 14:  Fly South Pole to Union Glacier

    Day 15:  Return to Punta Arenas, Chile

    The group meets up in Punta Arenas, Chile, for briefings and gear checks prior to flying into the interior of Antarctica.

    From Punta Arenas, we fly by Ilyushin 76 aircraft to the ALE base at Union Glacier  where the aircraft makes a wheeled landing on a blue-ice runway.

    The Union Glacier camp, situated at 80 degrees South, is a small collection of tents.  The dining and kitchen tent has a wooden floor and is heated with a kerosene stove.  We sleep overnight in our own mountain tents but gather for meals in the warmth of the dining tent.

    Your guides will hold a briefing on the logistics and safety protocols of the upcoming adventure and cover all aspects of the trip not already addressed in the initial briefing held in Punta Arenas.

    We finalise packing of the group supplies and equipment and divide this amongst the team onto sleds. We must then await sufficiently fine weather to start the long flight to the beginning of the trek. Once the weather forecasters give us the green light we load into ski-equipped Twin Otter aircraft for the six hour flight south into the heart of Antarctica.

    As we will be arriving high onto the polar plateau we will encounter effects of altitude. Everyone will be towing a sled loaded with their personal and expedition equipment and we will have a short day to stretch our legs then establish our first camp. We will begin slowly on the expedition to bring everyone up to an optimum pace for remainder of the journey.

    Each day we will wake up around 7.30am for breakfast and hydration before we begin to break camp and pack our belongings. We travel for around 8 hours every day with a break every hour for food and drink. The objective is to maintain an optimum body temperature; too cold and we burn too much energy - whilst too hot will cause sweating that promotes hypothermia when you stop, in addition to dehydration issues. At the day’s end you will have travelled 10-15km (6-10miles).

    On arrival at a camp site the group will set up tents and build protective snow walls and contribute to snow melting and meal preparations. Everyone is involved and working to get the camp ready for habitation.

    We follow this routine for  seven days as we journey towards the Pole.  Finally, the South Pole station will come into view from about 24km (15 miles) out.

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