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The Essential East Iceland Combo Tour

The first four days in the remote "wasteland" region was amazing - views, space away from other tourists, comfortable huts, and a completely new environment from what I have seen elsewhere. The hike we did on Thursday to the peak of Kristinardintar was outstanding. Incredible views, a good trail and a satisfying final push before our bus trip back to Reykjavik.

- Nancy, Canada -

Tour type: Trek from hut to hut with luggage transport (5 days) and without luggage transport (4 days) and hiking with camping (3 days)




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Adult: 395000

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What's included: Guiding, transport, accommodation and full board

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights

Accommodation: Huts, hostels and tents

Meeting point: Egilsstaðir domestic ariport at 08:30 or Reykjavik domestic airport at 06:45 if flight is added

Group size: 6 to 15 participants

Language: English - French and English - German

Walking per day: 5 - 8 hours

Note: The tour starts in Egilsstaðir and ends in Reykjavik. Flight from Reykjavik can be added

  • Tour Description

    Highlights of the Tour

    • The great diversity of landcape
    • Remote fjords 
    • Skaftafell and the Glacier Lagoon

    East Iceland Trekking

    East Iceland Trekking are tours that combine some of the best hiking and sights of east and southeast Iceland. They are made up of three parts that each has its own characteristics and charm. They all have in common stunning landscapes and variety in color. You will hike over green hills and between small coves, venture into one of Iceland ‘s most remote wildernesses and visit a world of glaciers and ice. With the three different parts, you may choose one section of the trek, combine two or three parts, or hike the whole East Iceland Trekking tour from the deserted farmland of the eastern coves, through the wilderness east of Vatnajökull glacier and to Skaftafell.

    For a full experience of the trails of the East with the addition of an exploration of the Skaftafell region and the south coast, combine all three parts of the East Iceland Trek. You will start by “Hiking at the End of the World” on old trails between the small bays of the north East (assisted trek in huts). We then take you up to the untouched wilderness “In the Shadow of Vatnajökull” (lightweight backpacking in huts) where you find deep canyons, green valleys and colorful mountains. The last part is a short exploration of the Skaftafell part of Vatnajökull NP, with a short stop at the glacier Lagoon and the option to go on a glacier walk (hiking and sightseeing in tents). On the way to Reykjavík we stop at the black sands of Vík and the waterfalls of the south.
    A great additon to an already excellent hiking tour!

    Total walking distance: 125 km. (78 miles) (part 1 and 2)
    Altitude: 20-800 m. (65-2625 feet)
    Ascent: Maximum 600 m. (1970 feet)


    • Guide for 12 days
    • Food during th tour (from lunch day 1 to lunch day 12, dinner on day 10 and 5 excluded). 
    • Transportation: Transportation from Egilsstaðir to the Eastern Fjords, from the Eastern Fjords to Egilsstaðir and from Lón to Höfn and transfer of luggage during part 1 of the tour. Bus transfer from Höfn to Skaftafell and Skaftafell to Reykjavík. 
    • Accommodation: Sleeping bag accommodation (hostel and mountain huts - 9 nights), tent accommodation (tents and matresses provided - 2 nights). Sleeping bags are included in the second part of the tour, passengers are advised to bring sleeping bag liners.

    Not included: Sleeping bags (for the first and third part of the tour).

    Meeting Point: The tour starts at Egilsstaðir airport and ends at the Reykjavík bus terminal (or begins at the airport in Reykjavík for option with domestic flights). Pick up/Drop off from hotel or guest house for domestic flights from/to Reykjavík can be added for an extra fee.

    Minimum age: 16 years

  • Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: Reykjavík – Egilsstaðir – Borgarfjörður Eystri
    Meet the guide at the domestic airport in Reykjavik for an early morning flight to Egilsstaðir and transfer towards Borgarfjörður Eystri, about 90 km (56 mi). Shortly before starting the climb over the pass to Borgarfjörður we get off the bus and start the day´s hike. The path leads to Stórurð*, a little oasis hidden below the magnificent Dyrfjöll mountain range. There in amazing scenery will be the setting for our lunch. We then continue our hike and make our way up along the northern side of the mountains, towards Njarðvík where we will be picked for transfer to the little village of Borgarfjörður. After dinner it is ideal to wander around this little village.
    Distance: 18km (11mi)                      
    Walking time: 6-8 hrs           
    Ascent/Descent: 600m (1970')/800m (2625') 

    *If snow conditins are difficult, even in early July, we may have to chage the first days hike

    Day 2: Borgarfjörður Eystri – Brúnavík – Breiðavík
    Today the path leads us over a pass and down into the inlet of Brúnavík. Here we can enjoy the waves of the North Atlantic for a while before heading up into the valley and over the magnificent pass of Súluskarð where the colors of the adjacent hills and mountaintops provide a colorful feast for the eyes. From Súluskarð we head down into Kjólsvík inlet and from there over the low pass of Kjólsvíkurvarp down into Breiðavík inlet, the biggest one of these deserted inlets.
    Distance: 14km (9mi)                        
    Walking time: 7-9 hrs           
    Ascent/Descent: 400m (1315')/400m (1315') 

    Day 3: Breiðavík – Húsavík
    We leave the colorful valley of Breiðavík and hike over the mountains, our destination the inlet of Húsavík. If weather permits we will climb the mountain Hvítserkur, one of the most amazing and colorful mountains of Iceland before descending into the narrow valley leading to the hut at Húsavík. A delightful evening walk down to the beach, to visit the quaint little church that was in full service until the early seventies is possible after dinner.
    Distance: 13km (8mi)                        
    Walking time: 5-7 hrs           
    Ascent/Descent: 550m (1800')/500m (1640')

    Day 4: Húsavík – Loðmundarfjörður
    Today we continue to the valley of Loðmundarfjörður fiord. This impressive valley was home to close to a hundred people at the turn of the 20th century due to rich farmlands and accessible fishing grounds. The surrounding mountains add certain magnificence to the scene and the hike leads us through the massive Loðmundarskriður, formed thousands of years ago when the adjacent mountain literally burst forth. The hut where we spend the night is at the bottom of the fjord close to an old church.
    Distance: 15km (9 mi)                        
    Walking time: 5-7 hrs           
    Ascent/Descent: 600m (1970')/600m (1970') 

    Day 5: Loðmundarfjörður – Seyðisfjörður   
    The hike of the day takes us along the old path over Hjálmárdalsheiði, which over the centuries used to be the main thoroughfare between the Loðmundarfjörður farmlands and the Seyðisfjörður harbor and trading post. As we ascend, the mountaintops of the southern fiords come into sight and once we get to the pass of Hall, the fiord of Seyðisfjörður is in full view, very different from the fiords and inlets we have left behind. Descending into Seyðisfjörður we enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of this long and narrow fiord surrounded by majestic mountains. Once we get down to the main road we get onto the vehicle that takes us into the charming little town of Seyðisfjörður where we spend the night. Dinner in one of the town's restaurants (not included).  We have time to sort our luggage and pack what we need for the next 5 days backpacking trek. The rest of our luggage will be sent to Höfn the next day. 

    Distance: 15km (9mi)                        
    Walking time: 5-7 hrs           
    Ascent/Descent: 600m (1970')/600m (1970') 

    Day 6:  Seyðisfjörður – Geldingafell
    Morning transfer to Egilsstaðir where we pick up our supplies and then onwards into the Eyjabakkar area, located east of Mt. Snæfell from where we start our hike. On this first day we follow the Eyjabakkar, the impressive riverbanks of the glacial river Jökulsá. Mt. Snæfell sits majestically on the other side of the river, perhaps even with a cover of snow. We turn east towards Geldingafell mountain at the edge of the great Vatnajökull glacier and the lush vegetation of the riverbanks gives way to the rough areas shaped by the receding glacier where the reindeer roam. Accommodation in a fully equipped hut.

    Distance: 15km (9.5mi)                     
    Walking time: 6-8 hrs                       
    Ascent: 150 m (490') 

    Day 7:  Geldingafell – Egilssel 
    Today we hike over the mountain of Geldingafell for excellent views over the Vatnajökull glacier as well as the outlet glaciers of the area and adjacent glacier lagoons. We then follow the top of the valley of Vesturdalur before descending down to lake Kollumúlavatn where pintails can often be heard and even seen. Accommodation in a fully equipped hut, Egilssel, on the lake.

    Distance: 15km (9.5mi)                   
    Walking time: 6-8 hrs                        
    Ascent/Descent: 300 m (980')/500m (1640’) 

    Day 8:  Egilssel – Múlaskáli
    Circling the lake we come to the Tröllakrókahnaus an interesting outcrop of columnar basalt, located on the impressive Tröllakrókar cliffs. Making our way along the cliffs´ edges we enjoy the stunning views of the rock formations as well as the views to the surrounding mountains. The monotony of the basaltic landscapes soon gives way to the colorful landscapes of the rhyolite where the purple, orange and even pink colors come as a real surprise. We continue down into the valley of the glacial river Jökulsá í Lóni arriving at our hut for the night.

    Distance: 12km (7.5mi)                     
    Walking time: 5-7 hrs                       
    Ascent/Descent: 200m (650')/450m (1450’)

    Day 9:  Múlaskáli – Eskifell – Höfn
    We start by crossing the glacial river on a foot bridge before climbing the hill of Illikambur. We should enjoy the colors of the surrounding slopes on our way up as on top yet another landscape awaits us. Following the glacial river Jökulsá í Lóni we make our way south to the old farmstead of Eskifell. Just after we cross the mighty glacial river on a foot bridge our transport awaits us and to bring us to the town of Höfn. For dinner we will go to one of the restaurants in town (not included).  Night at a hostel.
    Distance: 11km (7.0 mi)                    
    Walking time: 6-8 hrs                        
    Ascent/Descent: 250 m (820')/300m (980’) 

    Day 10: Höfn - Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – Vatnajökull National Park Skaftafell
    In the morning we get on the public scheduled bus that leaves from Höfn to the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. There we find the famous lake, decorated with floating icebergs that have broken off the big glacier of Vatnajökull. It is possible to go on a boat tour between the icebergs (not included) or take a short walk along the shores of the lagoon. We then head on to Skaftafell where we will explore the footpaths of Vatnajökull National Park. Skaftafell is a green oasis where arctic birch and small flowers grow between the glaciers and the coast, and you get a view of Iceland‘s highest peak Hvannadalshnúkur (2110 m). Night in a tent at the camping in Skaftafell.
    Hiking: 4-5 h total

    Day 11: Vatnajökull National Park Skaftafell
    A full day of hiking in the National Park. In the afternoon on day 12 and today there are many possibilities for hiking. We can hike up to the woods of Bæjastaðarskógur, the valley of Morsárdalur, or up to the peaks of Kristínartindar where we have superb views of the glaciers that come falling down from some of the highest mountains in Iceland. On this day there is also possible to sign up for either of these additional activities: 

    • Ascension of the highest peak in Iceland Hvanndalshnúkur (price 38.610 Isk). Please note that the hike is physically very challenging and takes up to 12-14 hours.
    • A Glacier Walk on Svínafellsjökull, either 2 hour tour (price 9.810 ISK) or 4 hour tour (14.310 ISK). On both tours you will see a variety of glacier formations as you walk between water cauldrons, crevasses and strangely shaped ridges.

    At the end of the day we return to you camp in Skaftafell, night in a tent.

    Day 12: Vík - The waterfalls of Skógarfoss and Seljalandsfoss – Reykjavík
    We get on the public scheduled bus heading for Reykjavík. On the way we stop in Vík for a walk on the black sand beach that is dominated by coastal cliffs and rocks that rise up from the ocean. We will also make short stops at the waterfalls of Skógarfoss and Seljalandsfoss where you can walk behind the cascading water. Arrival in Reykjavík in the late afternoon/early evening.

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