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Björgvin Hilmarsson


Björgvin is the operation manager of the Icelandic Mountain Guides (IMG) Expeditions Department. He makes sure everything works out smoothly, taking care of both paper work and practical things related to the IMG expeditions. But staying in the office all the time is not an option.

When it comes to mountaineering and climbing, rock, ice or alpine, Björgvin is in his element. Being one of the most experienced guides within IMG, he often handles training and shares his knowledge on many of the courses offered by IMG both for guides and the general public.

Björgvin got his basic mountaineering education from the ICE-SAR and was a member of a first responders mountain rescue team for years. Like many IMG guides, he was trained by and under the supervision of Gary Dickson, president of the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association (NZMGA). Since then he has been a co-course leader with Gary on various courses for junior IMG guides. Björgvin is a certified WMA Wilderness First Responder.

Björgvin is currently the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG) application committee‘s chair man and has been on the directors board of the Icelandic Alpine Club (ISALP). He´s a proficient photographer and responsible for many of the photos used in the brochures and ads by IMG.

Summary of education and qualifications:

Guiding related:

  • - ICE-SAR basic rescue team training
  • - ICE-SAR first responder
  • - IMG mountain guide
  • - AIMG glacier and mountain guide
  • - Level II hard-ice guide (NZMGA HIG standard)
  • - Alpine Trekking guide (NZMGA standard)
  • - CAA level I avalanche training
  • - Wilderness first responder (WFR)


  • - BSc. degree in molecular Biology (University of Iceland)
  • - Practical journalism (University of Iceland)
  • - Advanced Scuba Diving licence (NAUI / PADI)
  • - Professional drivers licence

Non work related interests and hobbies: Mountain biking,  rock & ice climbing, music, photography.