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Björn Fischer Malskær


Behold Bjørn, a half Danish and half Icelandic guide whose name is Bear when translated into English. Feel free to call him Bear if the ø confuses you.

He is a man of the wild. He was raised in a forest back in Denmark and spent many summers in rocky Iceland before moving here in 2007. His 3 favorite places in Iceland are without a doubt Borgarfirði Eystri, Hórnstrandir and Ásbýrgi. His passion for the mountains began in Greenland. He began simple climbing in the rocks of the east coast and soon got hooked. He later joined the Search and Rescue team Flugbjörgunarsveitin in Reykjavík.

His life experience has been pretty broad. He started out in the gastronomic world and has worked in many kitchens in Nordic countries. He did, among other things, open the first pizzeria in East Greenland. Later in life, he have become passionate about the correlation between our bodies and minds, and he is now studying that subject in Denmark during winter. There it is called, "Psykomotorik."

His first season was in 2016 and he will be on the glaciers for many summers to come. He has always been good at finding his way in the wilderness, whether leading the way or on his own. After a grand tour strait over Vatnajökull on skis, he decided to begin guiding here.

He plays music when he is not out in the wild. So, if you hear a tenacious banjo outside the wooden hut at Skaftafell or at the Sólheimajökull parking lot, it might very well be him.