Kristinn Sigurðsson


Krissi’s parents are Icelandic but he was born in Luxembourg and lived there until he was 13 years old. He then lived in Sweden for 5 years, where he finished High School, and moved to Iceland to study computer science at the University. He quickly became bored of computer science and decided to join a Search and Rescue team, as well as work odd jobs here and there. Some of the jobs include being a gardener, a camp counselor, warehouse worker, and having a desk job in the tourism industry. He has been a member of the IMG team since about 2012.

When he is not working, you can find him climbing (rock and ice), hiking, going to the movies and learning to fly airplanes. Krissi’s favorite place in Iceland is Skaftafell because it has the biggest mountains, glaciers, and climbing area in the country. Plus, it is just so beautiful. 

His professional qualifications/experience include:

  • Hard Ice Level 2 (Jökla 3)
  • Fjalla 1
  • Search and Rescue team since 2012
  • WFR
  • Meirapróf
  • Swiftwater rescue technician
  • CAA Avalance Lvl 1
  • Thompson Rivers University - Adventure Study Certificate