Októvía Edda Gunnarsdóttir


Októvía is from Iceland and has lived here almost her whole life. She joined one of the rescue teams in 2012. After a couple years of training and a lot of outdoor adventures, she decided that this was something she wanted to do everyday.

During the spring of 2015, she applied for a job at Icelandic Mountain Guides and couldn't be happier to have joined the team. Since then she has taken a couple of courses like Wilderness First Responder and has Level2 as a Hard Ice Guide.

Októvía loves nature and everything that is possible to do outside. No matter what it is - climbing, walking, exploring, camping, crawling, lying in the grass, squeezing inside a glacier, discovering new things - she loves it.

Life is about enjoying
so don't do anything that is annoying
See and learn something new
and you will be a whole another you