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Thomas Kennedy


Tom is from the UK and he has always enjoyed being outdoors. His hobbies including mountaineering, skiing, running and mountain biking, it was an obvious choice to become an outdoor instructor. He has been guiding on glaciers for the past 3 years in New Zealand before joining IMG in 2017, and so far in Iceland, has enjoyed eating Icelandic hotdogs, learning how to prounounce Icelandic words and snorkelling in Silfra, the lake in the rift between the Eursasian and North American continental plates, which he describes as 'so clear that it's like swimming in gin, but without the headache or existential dread'.

His professional qualifications include

  • Hard Ice Guide
  • UK Mountain Leader
  • Medical First Responder (former volunteer Ambulance Officer and Fireighter)

Tom considers himself very lucky to have already seen many wonderful places and seen many amazing things; on his bucket list is to deliver a baby