Ágúst Kristján Steinarrsson


Hey there you, who checks out guides
I'm one of them, that IMG provides
I work on the ice, cause it's so fun
There is no better, can't think of none

I got tired of the office life
And the glacier became my wife
I also work as a consultant
But this job is more brilliant

I'm a hard ice guide, yes level two
I love that ice, that I do
Walking, hiking or climbing up
yep, yep, yep, thats whats sup

Want to have fun, and bring you along
If in the mood, I'll break into song
Try to have a laugh or two
I'll do my best, that I'll do

Águst's qualifications include Glacier Skills Level Three. As well as being a poet.

Education and Qualifications

  • Glacier Skills Level Three