Andrea Geirsdóttir


Andrea Geirsdóttir - Guide

Andrea lived in Reykjavik most of her life and a few years in Akureyri, and she was motivated to become a guide with IMG on a tour with us as a teenager back in 2009 for a photo shoot. At that time she really wanted to be on the other side of the lense, and clearly remembers thinking 'what a super cool company'. So began the work of finding out what she needed to do to become a guide and how to get there. After studies in Bifrösst and Keilir hre long term goal was achieved, and she joined IMG in 2017!

Andrea's qualifications include Hard Ice 1, Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician level 3, ISKGA sea kayak guide level 2 and she plans to join Reykjavik air ground rescue team shortly.