Danielle Elizabeth Beauchemin

Sales representative

Danielle is the leader of our Environmental Team and works directly on the carbon emissions analysis.  She has a Masters degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management from the University of Iceland.  Dani is originally from the US and, despite missing the forests of her native USA she decided to stay here.  

Dani has previously worked as a guide, W-EMT, and wilderness medicine instructor in Alaska, Mexico, and on the Eastern coast of the US.   She now she works on the other side, in the IMG office team, but she keeps up her outdoors life too: also guiding for IMG and spending her free time as an Instructor for the Icelandic Search and Rescue team, hiking and backpacking with Xena, her Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and practicing primitive wilderness skills.  She can even make fire with sticks!

Fun fact: Dani has been a vegetarian and animal activist since age 3; she’s huge advocate for animals as they don’t have a voice of their own and says that if she was a superhero she would love to be able to talk to animals and to be able to fly, so that she could travel further distances with no carbon footprint.

Education and Qualifications

MSc. in Environment and Natural Resources
BSc. in Business Management
ASc. in Business Administration
Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (NR-EMT)

Guiding Related:

Wilderness EMT (W-EMT / NR-EMT)
ICE-SAR rescue team Instructor (Nýliðar 1,2, and Sjúkraflokkur for HSG)
CPR/AED For the Professional Rescuer
Rescue 3 Swiftwater and Flood First Responder (Straumvatnsbjörgun 1) - ICE SAR
American Mountain Guides Rock Guide (AMGA RCG)
Mountaineering 1 (Fjallamennska 1) - ICE SAR
Avalanche Rescue 1 (Snjóflóð 1) - ICE SAR
Ferðamennska og rötun - ICE SAR
Rock Climbing Instructor (Philadelphia Rock Gyms and Elite Climbing)
Kayak Instructor (NJ Pinelands, Chenega Island Alaska, Baja Mexico)
WFA and WFR Instructor (Specifically for Kayak, ATV, and Buggy guides)