Hilmar Yngvi Birgisson


Hilmar Yngvi Birgisson - Guide

Hilmar is from Iceland and he enjoys cycling in the back country, rock and ice climbing and photography. He also trained with the resue team and putting all of these skills and interests together adds up to one great guide! He started with IMG in 2014 and works part time with us alongside researching green energy, through the means of computational electrochemistry. He recently finished his degree in chemical engineering and at the moment he is investigating cheaper methods that utilize hydrogen as a fuel and he hopes to head abroad and pursue further study in the future. His favourite place in Iceland is Þórsmörk, a place that has meant a lot to his family through multiple generations - and probably will keep doing so. He likes the peacefulness there and how much it offers in terms of hiking, camping and enjoying a cold beer!

Hilmar's professional qualifications include Glacier Skills One.