Kjartan Bollason


Kjartan Bollason - Guide

A native of Iceland, Kjartan grew up in Ísafjörður, the main town in the West fjords. He started skiing at the age of four, and soon thereafter learned the fun of being outdoors, skiing and hiking. He has lived in many different areas of Iceland, as well as abroad in Germany, Canada and England during his studies.

He has always enjoyed the outdoors, in both winter and summer. Early on he started hiking with friends and family. Kjartan then started guiding Icelanders on day walks and the Laugavegur route for the Icelandic Touring Association (FÍ), and sometimes volunteered as cabin keeper during winter and summer on that trail. After studying abroad in Germany, he wanted to work in Icelandic nature, so he decided to become a full time guide in 1994. He works as a guide as often as he can and he has been a member of the Icelandic Mountain Guides team since 2015. 

The highlands of Iceland are always magical to him, but so are the isolated and tranquil fjords of the West fjords. Some of his hobbies include nature walks, cross-country and mountain skiing in the winter, and travelling around the world (preferably by foot).