Philly Betts


Philly is the small British person on the IMG team who lives and works in New Zealand most of the time, guiding on the glaciers down under. She started guiding on ice in 2014 after spending a few years as a rock climbing instructor. Icelandic Mountain Guides adopted her in June 2016 as she wanted a taste of a different glacier and fancied a new challenge!

She loves to climb, hike, ski, and run around in the great outdoors. She has big plans on her mountain bucket list. Next up is an epic ice climbing trip in Western Canada, but she also never misses out on a good lie-in and cooking extravaganza on a rainy day. She makes a mean falafel burger.

She has all her rock climbing qualifications from the UK, and her Hard Ice Guide levels One and Two from the New Zealand Mountain Guiding Association. She has a stupid amount of first aid experience, as she worked in an ambulance back home! Philly reckons that she can apply a compression bandage like a boss. She also is an active member of the Search and Rescue team, and has assisted in several backcountry rescue missions.

She came to Iceland as a schoolchild on a geography field trip, and stepped onto Sólheimajökull at the tender age of fifteen! From then on, she was amazed by this mystical country, which crams an entire geography textbook of incredible features into a very small space!

She is fascinated everyday by the rocks, wildlife, and weather that surrounds us and loves to nerd out to anyone that wants to learn. She can't wait to take you on a trip and show you around her incredible office.