Sædís Ósk Helgadóttir


Sædís Ósk Helgadóttir - Guide

Sædís is from Reykjavík and has also lived in Denmark and Norway, where she studied outdoor education. She has been working with children and kids since she could start working; babysitting, working in a day care, in kindergarden, working for an after school program and in a school camp. In her free time she likes snowboarding and travelling, and she is a scout leader, so she loves going camping with the kids, as well as seeing family and friends. Sædís joined IMG as a glacier guide in 2017, and she says her favourite place in Iceland is Úlfljótsvatn and the amazing forest in south of Laos. On her bucket list is scuba diving in the caves in Mexico and visiting Antarctica.

Education and Qualifications

  • Mountain Skills Course

  • Glacier Skills 1