Till Wenzel


Till Wenzel - Guide

Till is from Germany and has been living for most of his life in Frankfurt middle. His heart beats for a small town in the south where he started studying geography and geomorphology. It is close by the swabian alb and not too far from the Alps. In the summer the life happens outside!

Due to his studies in geography and geology he has been living and staying in places around the world. Some of his favorite places are in South America, Iceland and Iran. But to relax he just enjoys to climb some mountain or stroll through a forest. Since 2016 he has been in Iceland and joined IMG in Spring 2018.

To guide in nature is one of his earliest dreams. He wants to share the fascination for nature with other people and show how amazing, fragile and important glaciers are. Besides working as a climbing instructor and being outside Till has worked as a barkeeper and is a percussionist and drummer listening to the sound of the glaciers.

In other terms Till can be described as:

  • a part of glacial drift deposited directly by the glacier.

  • Till is therefore unsorted glacial sediment

  • Till may contain detectable concentrations of gems or other valuable¬†ore minerals. (nb glaciologists joke!)