Ursula Giger


Ursula Giger - Guide

A Swiss native with passion for Iceland, Ursula has been guiding for 2 decades in both Iceland and Greenland, mostly on hiking and trekking tours. Always adding adventures to her list, Ursula has completed an expedition crossing the Greenland icecap. She has a degree in literature and is a specialist in the Icelandic Sagas. You might find Ursula on the tour Hiking at the End of the World or some of our East Greenland tours.

Reviews from Clients

  • "The tour was well organised and Ursula was a fantastic guide who was sensitive to the different needs of each of the participants. One thing that was surprising though, were the one or two challenging areas, like cat’s spine. Ursula knew the landscape very well and more importantly could read the weather very well. And, she answered all of my questions about life in Iceland. When we come back for another tour, we would definitely want Ursula as a tour guide again". anonymous

  • "Our guide Ursula was brilliant in every way. She was very attentive and thoughtful to the needs of the group and had a fun and bubbly personality with an infectious laugh. She dealt with a large group speaking three different languages very well. Her genuine enthusiasm for the group was reflected by the fact she joined us for dinner the following two nights after the trip finished". Guy United Kingdom