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Guiding for Icelandic Mountain Guides / Arcanum

Icelandic Mountain Guides [Hiking, Glacier Walks, Kayaking] & Arcanum [ATV, Snowmobile]

Applications for summer 2020 to be received by Tuesday 03 March

Application form

Icelandic Mountain Guides is Iceland's industry leader in quality, safety, and not least in staff training.
We strive to be a good employer and expect our staff to work hard in return. Most new guides will be hired as glacier guides - requiring a Hard Ice 1 education from Iceland or similar from New Zealand. A few positions are also available for snowmobile guides. Applications from all genders are welcome.

Work plan: Week on Week off 80% -100% contracts available. You will get at least 1 week off per month to explore Iceland
How to get to work: Transport offered free of charge to/from Reykjavík at the beginning and end of each shift
Food: supplied free of charge during working weeks
Accommodation: free of charge during working weeks (5-10 min drive to bases in Ytri Sólheimar and Skaftafell) Please note: on off days AMG doesn't provide housing or food, however, free transport will be provided back to Reykjavík at the end of the shift.
Length of the first contract: Mid May or Mid June to beginning Sept, with possibility for some staff to extend to the end of Nov or later as necessary.
Pay: according to Guides Union, including sick pay, holiday pay, and overtime pay for evening and weekend work. The conditions offered will exceed the common contract of the Guides Union in several areas. 

A typical day includes:

  • multiple trips per day, depending on the trip length
  • 8-10 hours for a normal day
  • tasks related to operation (cleaning, equipment maintenance, etc)
  • cooking cleaning & communal living

Our trips: The majority of our tours are for clients with little or no previous experience and can be led by junior staff; the company also offers some demanding tours such as mountaineering tours and ice climbing, which will be led by more experienced staff

Holidays: New staff will have at least one whole week off a month, and holiday regulations are according to the Guides Union. 

What is included: We will supply you with a basic work uniform, food, and lodging while on the job, and transport to/from Reykjavík at the beginning and end of shift. Long-term staff can apply for a yearly training grant and have access to AMG courses (Wilderness First Responder, Hard Ice 2, and more).  

Requirements for all guiding staff: All our guides need to be keen outdoors people, they will need to have good English skills and will need to be able and willing to live with others, partaking in general housekeeping tasks. They will need to be able to entertain and educate our guests with a focus on glaciers and climate change

Guides will need 

  • A valid First Aid certification (WFR preferred)
  • Hard Ice 1 or comparable (preferred but not compulsory for ATV/Snowmobile). 
  • B class driver's license is required, and a professional (D) license is preferred. 
  • Entitlement to live and work in EU/EEA is required
  • And last but not least, a keen interest in guiding and a willingness to work hard, learn and educate. 

Positions available

Glacier Guides

Hard Ice 1 guides will be responsible for guiding short glacier walks on Sólheimajökull and in Skaftafell

  • AIMG  Jökla 1 or Hard Ice 1, or equivalent is required and should be valid from mid-May 2020, link to courses page
  • valid First Aid certification (WFR preferred)

Guides with a strong mountaineering background will be favored for the summit season in Skaftafell.

Kayak guides

Kayak guides will be responsible for short tours on a flatwater glacier lagoon, and will also take part in other activities that the company offers.

  • All formal kayaking qualifications will be considered.
  • valid First Aid certification (WFR preferred)
  • Kayak guides will also need Hard Ice 1 and previous rope skills

Kayak Co-ordinator

Two Kayak coordinators will be hired, working in a Week On Week Off pattern; they are specifically responsible for overseeing operations, equipment maintenance, and training of new staff, and answer to the location shift manager.

The start date for this position will be beginning to mid-May

  • Wilderness First Responder 
  • At least two years experience in the outdoor industry
  • At least one season of experience coaching/guiding paddlesport 
  • UKCC Level 1 Coach (level 2 preferred) or equivalent
  • BCU two-star award
  • Hard Ice 1 qualification is preferred to enable you to take part in other activities that the company offers, or willing to train for this.

ATV and Snowmobile guides

ATV Guides will lead 1 and 2 hour ATV tours on variable terrain including the black sand beach, and river crossings.

Snowmobile Guides will lead 1 and 2-hour Snowmobile tours on glaciated terrain.

  • valid First Aid certification (WFR preferred)
  • B license
  • D license and Hard Ice qualification or similar is preferred for snowmobile guides
  • Mechanical know-how preferred
  • Direct previous experience preferred but not necessary; other outdoors experience can be sufficient as on the job training will be given

Transfer drivers with D licence

  • Drivers for short passenger transfers in Skaftafell on regular roads, some 4x4 road driving. No previous related experience required. 
  • Drivers for short passenger transfers on Solheimasandur driving our Plane Wreck Shuttle. No previous related experience required. 
  • Transfer driver for snowmobile tours - winter conditions, previous experience of winter driving, or similar aptitude

Please note this position is not based in Reykjavík. It is suitable for drivers willing to live on-site communally, (or commute locally). The work is in the week on week off pattern. Applicants with Icelandic kennitala and knowledge of driving on Icelandic roads and Icelandic weather will be preferred.

Multi Day Longer Tours

We are not currently recruiting for multi-day tour hiking guides; this is not considered an entry-level position and knowledge of the local terrain and culture is a feature on our longer tours. However, if you would like the opportunity to work in Iceland and to explore the local area on your off weeks, please apply for one of the positions above, but please note that all of the above positions are for beginners level tours.