About Us

Since the company’s founding in 1994 by four passionate mountaineering guides, our philosophy has been that guiding is not a job, it is a lifestyle. We are still owned and operated by guides and continue to set the standard in safety, mountaineering expertise and environmental protection across the industry in Iceland.

Adventure Travel Experts in Iceland since 1994

Guide Owned & Operated

Our guides are a mix of passionate trekkers, hikers, climbers, mountaineers, and skiers, that live and breathe the outdoor adventure life. They use their extensive mountaineering and trekking training to safely lead groups on adventures in wild nature, as well as pursue personal outdoor challenges (like climbing some of the world’s highest summits).

Our Environmental Policy = Nature First

Icelandic tourism depends on the continued prosperity of our delicate nature. In all the activities and experiences we offer, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact and leave no trace when we travel. Our philosophy includes supporting local NGOs and taking an active part in discussing the development of wilderness and open spaces. Read more about our environmental policy and how to be a responsible traveller.

Adventure travel expert

After creating the Glacier Walk in Iceland in 1994, we saw how important it is to offer innovative and safe experiences to travellers in Iceland. Our diverse selection of adventures lets you immerse in the country’s pure wilderness.

Along with enjoying activities out in nature, we are strong advocates of conserving the precious Icelandic nature that we work in all year long. We design tours that take travellers on safe, fun and environmentally conscious outdoor adventures that showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland. Whether you want to go hiking, backpacking, trekking, ice climbing, on a glacier walk, mountain climbing, skiing, on an expedition or for a mountaineering course in Iceland or Greenland, we’ve got you covered!

Our focus on protecting Icelandic nature, while providing quality services and small group experiences, are what make us Iceland’s adventure travel expert.

Beautiful landscape of the southern higlands
Ulrika Larsson


In 2022, a new gateway for authentic travel experiences was formed when Icelandic Mountain Guides joined other well-known travel companies Reykjavik Excursions, Iceland Rovers, Activity IcelandDive.is and Flybus.

The ICELANDIA businesses provide tourist experiences anywhere from bus trips to tailor-made adventure trips, on land or water.

According to the theory, the large Atlantic Island of Iceland, of 103 thousand square km (40 thousand square miles) is the only landmass left above sea level of a continent that once was about 600 thousand square km (230 thousand square miles).

As Iceland is quite a mystic destination with an amazing landscape as varied as lunar-like deserts to black beaches and highland oases it was only fitting that the new brand explored the possibilities of Iceland in a greater context.

Today, Icelandic Mountain Guides is a licensed Tour Operator and Travel Agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board under the name Ferðaskrifstofa Kynnisferða. Tours sold on this website are sold under the licence of Ferðaskrifstofa Kynnisferða.

The Most Awarded Adventure Tour Company in Iceland

We are proud recipients of various awards and recognitions for operating adventure tours in both Iceland and Greenland.