Environmental Policy

Icelandic tourism depends on the continued prosperity of our delicate nature. In all the activities and experiences we offer, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact and leave no trace when we travel. Our philosophy includes supporting local NGOs and taking an active part in discussing the development of wilderness and open spaces.

We feel it is our responsibility to take nature’s side against ideas of heavy industry or new highway projects in unspoiled areas. We specifically concentrate on the protection of the Icelandic highlands against further grand scale operations, such as hydroelectric dams, power lines and all-year roads. Furthermore, we demand action for the preservation and protection of those sites already being spoiled by exploitation and construction.

Through our Environmental Fund, we financially support projects that are preserving the beauty of Icelandic nature for future generations to come. Each year the company allocates 1% of our profit to the fund. Additionally, all our customers who take a day tour or multi day tour with us contribute to preserving Icelandic nature. A fixed amount of their tour cost is put toward supporting our Environmental Fund.

We pride ourselves on being a company that emphasizes cooperation, sustainability, and safety. We do our best to lead by example, such as staying on marked tracks during tours, where possible, and never littering. At our headquarters on Stórhöfði in Reykjavík, our Director of Environmental Matters, closely tracks our food waste and recycling habits to make sure that we waste as little as possible.

Although we are proud of our past efforts we know that there is always progress to be made and today our environmental team is working on the following priorities:


Although Icelandic energy is relatively green and sustainable, we aim to reduce our electricity consumption in all office premises through monitoring and energy efficient purchasing, as well as reminding our staff of their responsibility to shut down all energy consuming appliances when not in use.


We are improving the efficiency of our transport fleet, both through choice of models (we mainly use Land Rover Jeeps, the most fuel efficient 4x4 that can withstand the Icelandic highlands) and through the introduction of driving efficiency online monitoring systems in vehicles. We also use public transport for over 50% of our longer tours, reducing emissions and supporting the local economy. Office staff in Reykjavík is encouraged to use more environmental ways of transportation, and those who do are offered a monthly allocation.

Supporting Local Communities

We strive to offer trips that enable our customers to engage with local people. This is something that our customers enjoy because it gives them an opportunity to learn more about local customs and culture. We are committed to supporting local businesses, when possible, by using local transport and buying locally sourced food.

Waste and Resource Use

We follow the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principle and have installed recycling facilities in all departments of our operations. However sometimes recycling facilities are not available on cross country hikes and so waste is stored until facilities can be reached.


Both for goods and services, across all departments, suppliers are subjected to environmental as well as cost-benefit examination.


We will continue to advocate environmental awareness on all available platforms, including the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF, where one of our team member has recently been elected vice Chairman), our tours and to the public in general.

As a growing company we are committed to incorporating these environmental objectives into the new infrastructures and capacities we build, from inception, through to daily operations and finally disposal.

The environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is up to date and easy to follow. Our employees are committed to ensuring our policy is implemented.