The Volcanic Trails Part 1 (Continued)

Strútur panorama
Ellert Gretasson
Strútur panorama

The Road Less Travelled

Welcome back to the Volcanic Trails blog post series!  

If you haven't checked out the first post in this series, we highly recommend that you do. Once you have taken the first part of the Volcanic Trails, you will not want to stop; your feet will want to carry on taking you through this other-worldly landscape. These are the Iceland hiking tours you have been dreaming of.

Be one of the few who will be going the road less traveled: if you are taking the Volcanic Trails, this will be you. As you travel through the volcanic landscape, one of the most varied and complete geological landscapes to be found in the entire world. You will be taken through a kaleidoscope of colours in the landscape, colours you didn’t even know a mountain could have. These are iceland hiking tours at their finest.

Be spellbound by the colours of the Torfajökull rhyolite massif where yellow, orange, red and even blue green make a refreshing contrast against the black sands and bright green mountains. The whole area sits within the Fjallabak (behind the mountain) Nature Reserve, and this is quite possibly the most beautiful part of it. The end of the hike is rewarded with a soothing bath in the Strútslaug natural pool, right at the end of the trail. Here, you can sit in the silence of the highlands.


people hiking on a sunny day in the green nature
Jan Zelina
Slight ascents

Our Environmental Action & Advocacy

The Icelandic highlands are a vast area of untold beauty: barren, desolate and pure nature. Whilst the Laugvegur trail is wonderful, we do believe that there are other trails that have equally magnificent landscapes. The Volcanic Trails is certainly one of those routes. We are taking a proactive approach to preserving this wonderland of nature. When you do get out there, rest assured that you are hiking with environmental stewards:

As environmental stewards in Iceland, we take a proactive approach to preserve the trail and the surrounding nature by allocating 1% of the tour price for each passenger to our Environmental Fund. With us, you get to experience these amazing trails and minimize your environmental impact. 

Icelandic Mountain Guides
Strútslaug Natural Pool
Ellert Gretarsson
Strútslaug Natural Pool

What To Expect From This Series of Iceland Hiking Tours

You might be wondering what can you expect on a this trail. Well, the trails covers a total distance of 50-58 kilometers (31-36 miles) at an altitude of 400-700 meters (1300-2300 ft) and with a maximum ascent of 200 m (650 ft).

Strútur Trail
Jon Yngvi Gylfason
Strútur Trail

The Volcanic Trails Await!

Experience the highlands in a way that very few people have that visit Iceland. The remote nature, color landscape and untouched environment is the perfect playground for outdoor adventures. Make sure to check part 2, the last post, of these series about the Volcanic Trails.

Hidden Waterfall in Icelandic green nature
Jon Yngvi Gylfason
Hidden Waterfall

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