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Ice Cave Exploration

Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Ice cave with waterfall.

So you want to go to an ice cave? We thought so. It’s an amazing feeling, to have god knows-how-many meters of glacier above, to be inside a hole, hollowed out through the action of water and warmth of summer. Water streaming, ice refracting. 

You can see ice caves all year round. Kind of. We never guarantee thats its possible to enter, since they are much more unstable in summer.

Winter is a completely different story.  Come November, the temperatures drop, the ice stops moving and the caves become much more reliable. If our words cant persuade you, our pictures will. Shine a bright flashlight up and watch light play int he refractions.

Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Inside an ice cave

Getting there: Long or Short?

The ice caves are a 5 hour drive from Reykjavik. So that you are not sat in a car all day, we put together two great options, both of which include much more than the ice cave tour.

If you want to take in the very best of Iceland over three days and two nights, we’ll take you on a Golden circle tour where you can visit the site of the foundation of the Icelandic parliament, the majestic Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir, where water has been firing out of the ground every 15 minutes for the last 700 years. Northern Lights  and glacier walk come as standard. After that, a south coast tour awaits and then an exploration of the ice cave to top it all off. 

If you are a bit more pressed for time, join us over two days and one night in a 4* hotel where we will take you on a your of the south coast with its many epic highlights including the incredible glacier lagoon and a glacier walk. Its really ice, ice, ice in all its forms: stand on top of it, and underneath it!

Photo: Björgvin Hilmarsson

Inside an ice cave.

We know that you will be as mesmerised with the ice caves as we are! Join us for something that is beyond bucket list worthy this winter. See you this winter in Iceland! 

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