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Björgvin Hilmarsson

Last month Icelandic Mountain Guides hosted a Professional Avalanche Operations Level 1 course under the standards of the Canadian Avalanche Association. The Icelandic Mountain Guides‘ staff and a couple of specialists form the meteorological office have been dwelling in blizzardous conditions up in the north of Iceland studying snow layers, terrain choice and avalanche assessment.

This 6 day course was then  followed by a 6 day ski guiding course for guiding on both snow covered glaciers or mountains. The instructor on both these courses is Colin Zacharias a Canadian Mountain Guide and Safety Specialist. Colin is one of Canada‘s best known experts in avalanche risk management and guide training.

We at Icelandic Mountain Guides are very happy to have him with us and are sure that everyone on the course will benefit from his vast experience. It is our hope at Icelandic Mountain Guides that this course will be the first of many ski-guiding courses held in Iceland an that we will be able to raise the bar in Ski Guiding as we have done before on glaciers and mountains.

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