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Glacier walk
Björgvin Hilmarsson
Glacier walk

So you’re headed from Europe to North America, or traveling in a reverse direction, why not take a week-long stopover in Iceland - a land where volcanic lava dances with glacial ice, where the landscape communicates a sense of how the earth was created, and where ancient, medieval, and modern history blend together to form a culture you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.

You can hike, you can bike, take guided tours, or even drive yourself through the dazzling wonders of Iceland, and right now Icelandair has an offer to make the escape of a lifetime come true:

Fly Icelandair from North America to Europe or Scandinavia - or fly the other way ‘round - and enjoy a stopover in Iceland for up to seven days with no additional airfare.

Icelandair gives you permission to take a detour on your travels to visit the pristine nature and exotic scenery in the fresh air of Iceland. Whether you’re flying on business from Seattle to Copenhagen, or whisking off on honeymoon from Amsterdam to Portland, Icelandair will let you stopover in Iceland for free. If you’re flying on vacation from Europe to the U.S., or vice-versa, why not treat yourself to a vacation within a vacation!

With 14 destinations in the U.S. and Canada, and 25 European gateways, you can choose among several flight packages, or you can tailor your own. Whatever your reason for traveling, plan to take advantage of Icelandair’s free Stopover in Iceland. It’s a fabulous way to treat yourself. From Icelandic Mountain Guides, offering a great selection of guided day tours in Iceland, a perfect tour idea for your stopover! Cheers.

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