Applications to the Environmental Fund

The rapid growth in Iceland’s tourism industry means that precautions need to be taken to protect the nature in our country. In 2014, our 20th anniversary, we created our Environmental Fund (EF) to support projects that aim to protect Iceland’s nature. The company wants future generations to be able to enjoy the environment.

IMG will allocate money from the fund every two years for nature protection projects.

Part of the fund will be given out to projects regarding the hiking path from Landmannalaugar to Skógar, as the cost of our Laugavegur tour includes a contribution to the preservation of this area. It will also be possible to apply for different projects around the country for rebuilding, maintaining and making new paths for hiking, as well as for revegetation.

The projects and reconstructions should be in keeping with Icelandic traditions and have positive effects on the environment.

Who can apply?

Companies, people, private holdings, associations, towns and municipalities. Collaborating applicants (e.g. with IMG) can also apply.

The fund cannot be used to

  1. Pay for any construction on buildings or areas that are bad for the environment.
  2. Pay for tourist attractions.
  3. Cover costs of any projects that are already finished.

The following information needs to be provided with the application

  1. A description of the project‘s purpose.
  2. A financial plan for the project.
  3. An acceptance from a landowner and/or government for the project.
  4. A clear description of the project‘s process on a map and/or photographs.
  5. Photographs of the area and its location with GPS coordinates.

If this information is not provided in full then the application will not be considered.

Maximum funds

This year the fund will allocate: 1.500.000 kr. Monies will be paid out in three steps. 30% will be provided after a contract has been signed, 40% after the project‘s plan has been accepted, and 30% after a fulfilling final report and financial information have been received by the funders.

When the project ends

When a project has come to an end a final report needs to be handed in. The report has to include photographs and description of the process from start to finish, along with copies of every receipt and cost of the project. Icelandic Mountains Guides will have the right to use these information for introduction material and for the company‘s website without having to pay royalties for the material.

Sending out an application

Applications should be submitted before April 10th 2018 via email to [email protected] If you are unable to send any necessary material electronically it can be sent via mail to:

Umhverfissjóður ÍFLM
Stórhöfða 33
110 Reykjavík

Sponsored projects will be announced after 10th of May.