Environmental fund previous projects

As environmental advocates and passionate nature lovers, we strongly believe in protecting the Icelandic natural environment through conservation and sustainability practices.

2016 Projects

This time around the Environmental Fund board decided to support three projects. The total amount distributed is 1,5 million ISK.

1. The restoration of the trails at Fjallabak, north Álftavatn

One application was received from the Iceland Forest Service for the restoration of the hiking path in the area north of Lake Álftavatn in cooperation with volunteers. This project received the highest allocation, as part of the Fund is specially dedicated to the Laugavegur trail. This project was awarded 700.000 ISK.

2. Marking the hiking path on Búlandstindur mountain, applicant Djúpavogshreppur

We believe that marking the hiking route to Búlandstindur prevents the creation of multiple pathways and their widening on the mountain which would be a major blemish on a very beautiful mountain. The marking of a trail also increases the safety of travelers on the mountain. Icelandic Mountain Guides organize tours in the area and the marking of this route gives our groups the opportunity to use this marked trail. The project was awarded 400.000 ISK

3. Reconstruction of the mountain hut at Heljadalsheiði, applicant Ferðafélag Svarfdælinga

The Committee considers this a very exciting project that in the future opens new possibilities for hiking and ski trips in the area. The Board considers the safety aspect very important, as travelers can take shelter in the hut in bad weather. The project was awarded 400.000 ISK

2014 Project

In 2013 the company decided to charge an environmental tax (1% of the trip price) for our most popular trek in Iceland, the Laugavegur Trail. As it is the most popular trek in Iceland, there are many people travelling there every summer. The trails have been damaged and the soil has eroded in many places along the path. On the company's 20th anniversary in 2014 it was decided to support an ongoing project to restore parts of the trail. The total sum of 500.000 ISK went to the maintenance project of the Iceland Forest Service to repair damaged sections of the Laugavegur Trail between Þröngá river and Emstrur. We plan to continue to charge this environmental tax to be able to support other future projects in this area.