Guide Training & Safety

Safety is always the number one priority for all of the outdoor adventures we provide. We are proud to be the leading adventure company for staff training and quality tourism in Iceland. Our in-house trainers have over 15 years of safety education and first hand experience in Iceland and Greenland’s wild nature. The pinnacle of our safety education program is the 27 days of direct training and exams our glacier guides receive from the time they are hired until they achieve the requirements to be an official IMG Mountain Guide. This in-depth training adopts standards from New Zealand. In addition to training courses, our guides work over 100 days under direct and indirect supervision, and they are required to advance to a certain level in their personal mountaineering experience.

Most of our guides have completed an eight-day Wilderness First Responder first aid course. Additionally, many of them have received advanced training from working with the elite units of the Icelandic rescue teams. Whether you want to take an easy Glacier Walk tour or embark on a challenging expedition in the Arctic or Antarctic, our professional and knowledgeable guides have the training to lead you on a safe and fun adventure.