Elín Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir

Chief Operations Officer

Elín Sigurveig, Office Staff

Elín is from the ski town of Akureyri and was named after Ella Fitzgerald, the singer,  by her jazzloving father. She started working for IMG as glacier guide during the summer time in 1996, when still at school and has worked in all kinds of jobs in her time; a leader at Summer camp, hotel receptionist, different jobs at an outdoor shop, climbing instructor, assistant of a fashion designer and not least 13 years as CEO for Icelandic Mountain Guides.

Outisde of work Elín enjoys spending time with her three lively kids, travel, skiing, biking, running and other outdoor activities, dancing and reading good books.  Her favourite places in Iceland are Jökulsárgljúfur canyon and Skaftafell. If she could choose a superpower, she’d love to control time… stop the clock now and again and make a few extra days here and there!

Phone number: +354 522 4998
Email: [email protected]