Emma Laigle


Emma was born in Brittany in the latter half of last century. While her French heritage gave her an appreciation of good food, her British heritage is best reflected in an unconditional love for stupid jokes and British comedy.

In 2008, she came to Iceland for the first time and after traveling some more, finally settled here 3 years later.

Working as a museum guide in the south of Iceland for a couple of years, Emma decided to extend her knowledge of the country and in 2013, certified as a hiking guide from Menntaskóli í Kópavogi. She started working for IMG the same summer. While her main job is an all-year-round office job, she takes leave in the summer to spend time guiding and likes nothing more than being in the highlands and sharing the startling beauty of her adoptive country.

Her professional qualifications/experience include:

  • Wilderness First Responder 
  • Hiking guide certification
  • Speaking several languages, sometimes at the same time.