Esther Jónsdóttir


Esther Jónsdóttir - Guide

Esther is from great big Reykjavík, Iceland and she became a guide in spring 2017. Her story with the company started with a student summer job in the IMG head office reception desk in 2015, and she had no idea that she would be a guide two years later… She worked at ITM Tourist Information Centre the next year and loved telling travelers what her country had to offer for them. Then working for the company´s sales lodge in Skaftafell was the pivot point- the breathtaking landscape of Skaftafell and getting to tag along onto the glaciers got her very interested, very quickly to become a guide. Now she's proud to say that she can show people her country whilst having the privilege to enjoy it!

Her professional qualifications include Hard Ice Guide beginner course and she is taking the Wilderness First Responder course in the beginning of June 2017. Esther's hobbies include traveling, listening to music, playing the piano, playing football, writing, camping, hiking and skiing.

Esther has counted Hveravellir in the highlands of Iceland as her favourite place in the country since she was a child. Beautiful nature, lovely hot spring and the perfect place for camping! One thing on her bucket list would be to do a long distance trek like the AT or PCT.. she says that she wants to put this wish in writing here to encourage her to make it come true!