Jón Yngvi Gylfason


Jón Yngvi - Guide

Jón Yngvi Gylfason is a very experienced summit and glacier guide and also guides day tours and longer tours both winter and summer. He has also been teaching on courses, training junior guides.

He's been leading and co-leading expeditions in Iceland and Greenland, among them the Sprengisandur traverse, crossing the Icelandic highlands and the Greenland ice cap crossing.

Jón Yngvi is an extremely likable person and is the undisputed king of very positive comments on Trip Advisor.

Jón Yngvi got his basic mountaineering education from the ICE-SAR and was a member of a first responders mountain rescue team for years. Jón Yngvi is a certified WMA Wilderness First Responder. He holds an advanced drivers licence and drove big 4x4 buses in the highlands for couple of  years.

Education and Qualifications

Guiding related:

  • Level II hard-ice guide (NZMGA HIG standard)

  • IMG glacier guide

  • AIMG glacier guide

  • Wilderness first responder (WFR)


  • Sociology (University of Iceland)

  • Professional drivers licence

Non work related interests and hobbies:

  • Playing that funky music

  • Photography

  • Ice climbing and being outdoors