Sigþór Rúnarsson


Sigþór Rúnarsson - Guide

Sigþór was born in Reykjavík and raised in a little town just outside the city. At an early age he was interested in nature and soon started exploring the neighbouring hills and mountains. As a teenager he became really interested in the Spanish language and its culture. That interest brought him to Spain and Chile where he spent a year as an exchange student.

After finishing his degree in Philosophy from the University of Iceland, he started working in the tourist industry in Costa del Sol as a tour leader. After his experience with beach tourism and extensive backpacking tours around the world, he decided to return to his home country and rediscover its natural beauty. In 2004 he began to work for IMG as a trekking guide followed up by further education from The Icelandic guiding school. Every summer since then he has been taking groups on short and long hikes during the brief summer season. In winter, Sigþór works as a history teacher and swim instructor. Apart from being a nature lover and a passionate hiker,  Sigþór has a keen interest in yoga, skiing, running and physical exercise. Sigþór is an experienced guide with a Wilderness First Responder qualification.

Reviews from Clients

  • "The guide, Sigthor was excellent: patient, sensitive, experienced, knowledgeable, told us interesting facts and stories, always with a smile and a nice sense of humor. The landscape was breathtaking and the entire experience very well organized, the food was great. Highly recommended". Yonatan, Israel

  • "Sigthor is really competent (and a very good cook). He had a nice sense of when to help (and when to leave us to our own devices). He cooked really well. The river crossings were handled to the standards I would expect (having done these in the Indian Himalayas and New Zealand). I was very happy to have him behind me while using the chain to cross the chain to cross Hell's Crest". Robert from Australia

  • "The guide we had was FANTASTIC! Sigthor was a real star and very knowledgeable. He was also a champion cook! He was great with the group and easy to get along with. Not to mention his GQ looks and attire!" George, Australia