Sölvi Signhildar- Úlfsson


Sölvi Signhildar-Úlfsson - Guide

Sölvi is a an experienced guide, a dedicated cartophile and an honest cook. He spends his summers in the awesome outdoors, feeling the folklore imprinted in the Icelandic and Greenlandic landscape. He enjoys looking for ever new fjords, valleys and mountains to explore. The Volcanic Trails is one of his favourite treks of all time because of the incredible and diverse landscapes, the feeling of solitude in the Icelandic wilderness and the great company that go with him on the trail.

Education and Qualifications

  • 2010 Ranger license from The Environment Agency of Iceland

  • 2013 Hiking guide from Guide School of Iceland

  • 2015 Wilderness First Responder from Wilderness Medical Institute

Reviews from Clients (Laugavegur trek)

  • "The trip was amazing. Solve (apologies on the spelling!), our guide, was incredible. Such a wonderful demeanour. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but also passionate about Iceland, the wilderness, and its history. His passion, to me, made all the difference. While there were difficult moments on the trip, this did not seem like work for Solve. He was generous with his knowledge and always excited to explain some bit of history, geology or cultural titbit".

  • "Sölvi, and the charming Silja who normally works in the office, along with the camaraderie that which soon developed between the 7 guests. Solvi’s enthusiasm for and detailed knowledge of all things Icelandic, especially geology but also the history, culture for flora and fauna was infectious and encyclopedic". Trevkrog