Tómas Eldjárn


Tómas Eldjárn - Guide

Tómas was born in Iceland but lived in Denmark and Norway when he was tiny, tiny (which is really quite small). Seeing people discover how fantastic it is to be in contact with nature, whether low by sea or up in the mountains, is what motivated him to be a guide. If his clients walk away with a new experience and were able to learn some new things, then his day has been a success. Tómas started working at IMG in April of 2014 and is now studying nursing at the University of Iceland alongside the job. Before working as a guide, he was a park ranger at a national park for 3 years.

Through rescue squad teaching of first aid and mountaineering, he has been able to spread his love for sharing experiences and educating people. Besides Iceland, his favorite place in the world is Mongolia.

His professional qualifications/experience includes:
  • Adventure guide at Thompson River University/Kellir

  • AIMG Glacier 3

  • AIMG Mountain 1

  • SRT (Rescue 3)

  • ICE- SAR Mountain rescue

  • Rigging for Rescue (Landsbjorg)

  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR)