Tomas Manoury


Tomas Manoury - Guide

Tomas Manoury is a half French, half Icelandic musician/guide who has been guiding since the millennium. He specialises in trekking and backpacking tours and he loves to find new routes and trying new trails. His favourite place in Iceland is Grænafjall, a beautiful and isolated mountain with lots of wild vegetation. Even blueberries can be found there spite of being at high altitude and surrounded by glaciers. You might find Tomas on any of our Greenland tours or backpacking between Núpsstaðarskógar and Skaftafell.

Reviews from Clients

  • "The fact that our guide, Tomas, was very familiar with the area and was able to take us off trail was very special. He also was a culinary master. His experience was appreciated. His familiarity with the area, his passion for cooking and overall knowledge was outstanding. If I returned for another hike I would hope Tomas would be the guide". Chris, Canada

  • "Tomas was an excellent guide who was very receptive to everyone’s needs and abilities. He was very knowledgeable about the route as well as an excellent cook! wondergulhike overall with wonderful weather! 😊👍" Margie from Canada